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Excursions to SUSALPS and TERENO experimental sites on Thursday, 20 September 2018 (afternoon)


Excursion 1: Regrazing experiment Brunnenkopfalm
The Brunnekopfalm (mountain summer pasture) in the Ammergau Alps was abandoned in 1955. The SUSALPS project is currently establishing a regrazing experiment with Murnau-Werdenfels cattle.  The experiment will assess the effects of regrazing on soil functions, biodiversity, fodder quality and economic added value and will provide information for the development of sustainable management recommendations for the revitalization of mountain summer pastures.

Excursion 2: SUSALPS & TERENO "space for time" experiments
The SUSALPS and TERENO experimental sites are located along an elevation gradient in the Ammer catchment. Soil cores have been replaced from higher to lower elevations to analysze the effects of higher temperatures and lower precipitation on soil functions, soil-plant-atmosphere interactions, plant production and biodiversity. The field trip will visit the lysimeter and mesocosm facilities and inform about the climate change effects observed so far on the soil cores and the technical infrastructure of the experimental sites.